This Film Belongs To Debbie Carlos

Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines.

'Her photos attempt to capture objects at their moments of greatest clarity: In certain light, at a certain time of day, in a certain place. The method is to wander and notice. Moments of quiet strangeness, patterns of light and shadow, minute-by-minute surprises, changes that don’t happen, something askew, something exactly in place, natural and artificial phenomena, are all sources of inspiration, and the subjects for her work.'

Unlike any of the documentaries in the profile series, this film's narrative is constructed with re-captured moments of Debbie Carlos' photography. With an originally produced score and no narration, the film is a complete visceral experience into Debbie's world and her photography.

*watch this loud*

Original music score by: Jeremiah Chiu

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